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At Wickfords we strive to construct perfection in the form of a house. By using timber for the main framework and foundation in combination with other recyclable materials for insulation, flooring, wall covering and roofing, we aim to build a house that does not have a huge impact on the environment but at the same time offers luxurious living.

All our building materials, fixing and fittings are of the highest quality and as most of the work is done by our own teams we can offer a guarantee of 5 years on all our work. The aluminium doors and windows as well as kitchen cupboards and build-in wardrobes are manufactured by our subsidiaries in their own factories enabling us to install everything on time. Plan-B Property Maintenance & Renovation, a new addition to the Wickfords group, is doing all the necessary plumbing and electrical installations.

Should you require a backup solar system to be installed then look no further. Reviron - Sustainable Living, is our preferred supplier of all our solar systems. All systems are designed and tested by their electrical engineer before installation. All systems are scalable and can also be designed to connect to a wind turbine.